Assistant Agreement

The contract should also include the duration of the commitment (perhaps for an indeterminate period) and how the contract can be terminated by both parties. For example, you can request the default 2-week notification to your VA when it`s over. A company can ask them for a 30-day notification before terminating your subscription. If you don`t know how to prepare a free virtual assistant contract, you can have someone help you write or use one of our contract templates. A model can prevent you from making some serious mistakes, such as the omission of important clauses.B. But it doesn`t do much about grammar errors that contain legibility. Therefore, the rereading is necessary and must be done faithfully. This is important to avoid things like ambiguity and other errors when writing. The NOA confidentiality agreement, part of the contract, prohibits the VA or service provider from sharing your sensitive information with other parties.

They can also add a non-compete clause that would prevent them from starting a competing business within a specified period of time (often 2 years). An important element of the virtual assistant contract is the definition of the nature of the employment agreement – whether the VA or service provider is legally considered an independent contractor of your company and not an employee. This will destabilize you with a number of traditional employer charges, such as payroll taxes and workers` benefits. The virtual support contract is usually created in two or more copies. Each copy must be signed by each party. Each party will have time to go through the treaty and if the conditions are in order, you agree to be there. If it is during an individual meeting, the signature can be done at a time. If this is not the case, one party signs its share before returning the two copies to the other party. After the signing, each party receives a copy. As simple as it may seem, some VAs haggle with the customer, just to get him to sign the contract template for virtual assistants. Although the terms of the agreement must be negotiated, this does not mean that you should give in to everything the customer wants. Some customers also want other restrictive alliances.

Therefore, a virtual assistant contract may include them in the form of a non-compete clause. This clause is intended to limit your ability to resume a transaction similar to that of a customer during the duration of your contract. It may also contain a non-requirement clause that prevents one party from asking customers for the other party. This clause is particularly common for virtual assistance companies that hire subcontractors, as it helps to make the subcontractor ember customers. However, note that the applicability of such alliances may vary, so you should check the applicability of such agreements in your state. Otherwise, such clauses would only increase your contract without increasing the destitution of their business relationship.