City Of Salisbury Enterprise Agreement

Hotwire is pleased to bring its first-class services to Salisbury for housing, small and medium-sized businesses and business services. Salisbury, North Carolina, May 9, 2018. In a referendum, residents of Salisbury, North Carolina, voted overwhelmingly to lease Salisbury`s home fibre optic system to Hotwire Communications. This first general election includes a 20-year lease from the City of Salisbury`s network to Hotwire Communications, an announcement for fibre-optic communications. Local Government Employees Enterprise Agreement (PDF, 8MB) Employees of the City of Onkaparinga are subject to either the collective agreement of municipal public servants and nurses or the collective agreement of municipal employees of union contracts. The agreement will save the city $1.5 million a year and save the city at least $20 million over the next 10 years. The leadership of the Mayor and City Council, the City Manager and the CTC Technology and Energy led to the conclusion of this exemplary agreement. Jonathan Bullock, VP of Corporate Development – Government, said he was pleased to “bring Hotwire`s fibrous services and commitment to the City of Salisbury” and “looks forward to a long-term relationship between the city and all its people.” Municipal Officers (South Australia) and Nurses (SA) Enterprise Agreement (PDF, 1MB).