Bescom Agreement

Hello, how much do we need to make the expenses for the new bescom link in Bangalore? I Paid a Bribe – 3) Unauthorized attempts to download or modify information about this service are strictly prohibited and may be sanctioned by the Indian Computer Law (2000). Can someone lead me, please, to reduce the burden of my residence sanctioned by BESCOM? What are the charges? Do I have to go through a contractor or can I do it directly with the service? Greetings, Gopinath 9845006850 I Change My City – 3)Before leaving this government website note: this contact button will lead to another site to get more information about this new open site, you should contact the relevant contacts who are registered on this site. BESCOM or Bangalore Electricity Supply Company is responsible for the distribution of electricity to the districts of Bangalore Urban/Rural, Kolar, Tumkur, Ramanagar, Chikkaballapura, Chitradurga and Davanagere. Therefore, if you have moved into a new home in one of these areas or if you are moving the house, you must request an internal connection to BESCOM. Power contract – The power contract format is available at the BESCOM office or can be downloaded here. This must be printed on 200 Rs of stamp paper. You must submit a diagram of your building and report when the wiring is finished, which will then be signed by you and an electrical contractor. (in the case of a hyperlink authorization for the site) A field officer will inspect your home or the place for which you have been looking for a link. The penalty is valid for 1 month, so you must make sure that you pay the deposits within 1 month of receiving the penalty.

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Among the areas BESCOM spends on electricity are Chitradurga, Ramanagar, Tumkur, Davanagere and Kolar. Therefore, if you want to move to one of the areas mentioned above, you must request an indoor electrical connection to BESCOM. Emails are stored when a user sends information only for that time and is used only to give them information. these should not be used for any purpose or added to the contact list.