Essential Elements Of The 1964 Barotseland Agreement

lituba 175. Although, you have a king and your province is the poorest, if not the poorest in the world? These are not kings and queens, they are about the well-being of anyone called Samban. Don`t look at Swaziland and think it could happen here too, No! This agreement was signed by KK, who also told us that perhaps the colonialist preferred you to let Lozi go for your shyness. The reason they paid for the loyalty to the minerals was that they wanted to give you what was not yours alone, but all the Zambians on earth. It`s a mystical reasoning. Is it wrong to be united? If you talk about development-all the past and present have more lozi`s than any other-Also the current minister of Indalama is one of you. So you`re responsible for your nature. Today, the Lozi intend to drive out all non-Lozis from the western province. Is this really ideal for the designers of this idea? How many Lozi live in other parts of the world? When did we hear that they were removed from their respective settlements when they were involved in real issues of intermediate marriages, friendships and other issues of vitality? As far as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is concerned, our rights are universal and cannot be withdrawn. If we claim separation as our rights, we must define an adequate approach to this issue. It`s not just the province of west, but Barotseland on the loose… Are the copper belts, Lusaka, south, west and northwest, the real part of Barotseland? It is not in the national interest for Barotse to separate because of its economic impact on Zambia as a whole. And if you can access all the records before 1964, you understand that the mines were in Barotseland.

People do not like the Barotse agreement because they feel, in one way or another, that the western province will benefit like the rest of Zambia. For those of you who took the time to read what I posted, notice that development was to be done in the same way in all provinces. Therefore, for the government is to the western province maninalise is acqually cancellation of the agreement. All social differences are similar. We therefore invite you, the so-called qualified Zambians, to recognize that it is not a question of doing so. Without Barotse`s agreement today, you would not have had your independence. So to say that it`s misleading like? It is important to put everything in perspective. The Barotseland Agreement is the only legal instrument that unifies Zambia, so it must either be approved by the Constitution or revoked.

Problems within this issue must be dealt with honestly and without bias. It is not about Lozi, it is about the law on what it is today and what it should be. The BRE has shown a lot of courage in bringing this matter before the government (peacefully, I must say!). These problems caused by the kaundas and aggravated by the and the satas cannot flee, but they must be fought. Mulena u buluke sichaba sa hesu!!!! Ba Ma Lozi is back. First on paper, they claimed that Copperbelt belonged to them and signed for it in their agreements with the colonialist. #108 THE BRE application was limited to the Western Province. Cb, NWP and SP are not included. It all revolves around the western province, but within the western province, litunga and BRE are not the only traditional political establishment, so even the claims of the western province, which call them privileged, are themselves illegal. The Barotseland agreement was obtained through lies and fraud by a group of colonialists who themselves illegally operate in present-day Zambia. The Barotseland Aggrement is like the handling of stolen goods. No matter how you got something illegal, because the fact remains that the processing of goods stolen or obtained by lies and fraud is a crime and that it is illegal, so the Barotseland agreement is illegal.