Military Logistics Support Agreement

New Delhi: India, which is already interoperable through Malabar`s annual maritime exercise with Japan, has expanded its strategic reach in the Indo-Pacific area by signing a logistical support agreement that allows both nations to operate in the region without worrying about filling. Thus, India now has a logistics agreement with the other three quad nations in the region. “This agreement provides the framework for closer cooperation between the armed forces of India and Japan on the mutual provision of supplies and services, while participating in bilateral training, United Nations peacekeeping operations, international humanitarian aid and other concerted activities,” the Ministry of Defence said today. After years of negotiations, India and Japan have reached a pioneering agreement allowing their military personnel access to each other`s bases for logistical support, a key development that comes amid growing concern over China`s military muscle loss in the region, has made Carter closer military relations with India, and last year established a special unit within the Pentagon. to promote cooperation with that country. Parrikar`s visit to Washington this week is the sixth meeting between the two best defenders. “It`s not a basic agreement of any kind,” Carter said. The debate over the logistics agreement has served as a vehicle for some members of India`s political class to distrust the United States, said Shane Mason, a scientific collaborator at the Stimson Center. The United States had previously imposed sanctions on India as part of its 1998 nuclear test, although sanctions were later eased. “The agreement should facilitate the smooth and rapid delivery of supplies and services between Japan`s self-defense forces and the Indian armed forces,” he said.

For example, under LEMOA with the United States, India has standard operating procedures (SOP), which includes the designation of contact points for the U.S. military, and a joint account for payments. SoPs apply to the three services for which each service has a specific LEMOA office. The signing of the logistics agreement demonstrates the priority that Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s government places on a closer defense relationship with the United States, said Benjamin Schwartz, India`s national director at the Pentagon until last year. Following the agreement with Japan earlier this week, India has now concluded military logistics agreements with all quad countries, Australia, Japan and the United States, which significantly improves interoperability, as they also operate several common military platforms.