Retrospective Build Over Agreement Wessex Water

Terrace house (about 20 here). Down somerset, I think 8 years ago we paid $500 to Wessex Water to have us “build” in our replacement extension (which was great because we had an access point in our hallway before). Admittedly, the water company did not have a record of where the runoff or sewers were when we applied. Contact Anglian Water to arrange a construction agreement. You will come out of the investigation and either OK`s or tell you what to do. If you sell the house, you have to produce the agreement for the new owners, so don`t lose it. Never heard of this subject, but it would be useful to access it, we will have to pay for a construction on the southern water agreement, given that a public sewer is in the back garden for our extension, although we are replacing a current enlargement that is being built. The cost is about $900, the control of the buildings will register them and do not disconnect the ladders if they do not exist before starting The water business did not come to see us, we had to organize and pay a survey. You have to provide all the information and pay for it, it`s a goal to earn total money for them. That was the spirit of Severn Trent. You have to provide all the information to say what you are going to do, and then we received a letter saying that we could build on the pipe and move the flow.

This is because the exploitation of water has flow, even if it is in our garden. They didn`t even know where the runoff was when we contacted them, it was quite frustrating. You can build on pipes we have. The owners built concrete beams on the pipe. However, you must inform the water company and obtain permission. We also had to have the CCTV`d whistle and it costs everything! As long as there are wells in the nearby gardens, we could be in order. Yes, your architect should have taken all the sewers. Your builder must have known what to do, but ours had fallen on it hundreds of times.

We were allowed to build above our own, when we put a new inspection chamber alongside the enlargement, we had our water supplier cones and building control. It depends on where your home “run” on the sewers I would ask your supplier to go out and check the other option is for the seller to give the buyer compensation insurance to protect against the financial losses that are as a result of the property built as a result of buildings built over a public channel. It is the fastest and cheapest option, but whether or not insurance is available depends on the circumstances of each case.