Tolko Armstrong Collective Agreement

Following the mediator`s booking earlier this week, ETC Local 1-2017, which covers all northern bc, based in Prince George, has issued a 72-hour strike notice and will be in a legal strike position on Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 8 a.m. Following the negotiations in the North, we must now resume negotiations with the Inter Forest Labour Relations Association (IFLRA) in Kelowna from 10 to 12 October to try to reach a collective agreement and set a model for all ongoing negotiations on the BC Interior. If IFLRA presents a package similar to CONIFER, we will hold a strike vote in the coming days at the interior premises of the South 1-405, 1-417 and 1-423. IFLRA is the negotiating partner for the following operations: 844 Otter Lake Cross Road Armstrong, BC Canada VOE 1B6 1-250-546-3171 The Armstrong cogeneration plant is certified EcoLogo, Canada`s national standard for green energy. When this facility was commissioned in 2001, it allowed the closure of several hive burners in the northern Okanagan, making local energy production more environmentally friendly. All of the electricity generated is sold to BC Hydro under an agreement that supports the Province of British Columbia`s commitment to increase clean and green electricity. Local 1-405: Canfor`s Radium, Elko and Woodlands, Interfor Castlegar, Galloway Lumber, LP Golden and Stella Jones. All domestic contracts expired on June 30, 2018. Their interior trading committee etc consists of Doug Singer – Local 1-405, Marty Gibbons – Local 1-417, Pat McGregor – Local 1-423, Brian O`Rourke 1-2017 and spokesman Bob Matters – Wood Council Chair. Updates will follow as action unfolds. “As the recent eruption of reductions and closure announcements shows, current market conditions and costs are complicating B.C operations,” Troy Connolly, Tolko`s vice president of solid timber, said in a press release.

READ MORE: Tolko Industries announces downtime for two of its B.C. Wood mills “There`s just too much supply running after a soaked domestic construction sector in the U.S., but it`s finally starting to dry out and dry out and prices will rise in the coming months,” Taylor said. What complicates matters is that the B.C. government`s whirlwind costs increase in July, which means that the price of wood must rise even more before companies can make money again. Local 1-417: Canfor Vavenby, West Fraser Chasm, Tolko Heffley Creek, Aspen Planner Sites 1 -2 and Canoe Forest Products. ULAY, CCPTS, CDX, Select, Sheathing and special panels. While workers may be wondering if the decommissioning will be extended further, McGregor said the company had informed him that he was certain there would be no further extension of downtime at Armstrong Mill. SPF: J Grade and A Grade, #2-btr., Haras and Economy FIR: #1-btr., #2-btr., Haras and Economy Hemlock: A Grade, #2-btr., studs and economic companies have seen both extremely low prices for wood and high prices to buy protocols to supply their mills.