Working From Home Agreement Utas

This way, you can access the Self-Service Employee Dashboard by clicking on the Payslips tile. Once you have registered, you will receive the pay slips by email from the next payroll race. Make sure you know how to set up and connect home university network drives (see below) This way you can access the Self-Service Employee Dashboard by clicking on the “NavBar” icon at the top right of the screen, and then clicking navigator to Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > Pay-Summary. Please note: This is a new process for workers posted with the upgraded MyHR and as such, it will be a paper transition period based on the current electronics Casual university workers will have access to more than 30 time reporters codes in the working time tables. If you select the wrong timer code, you may be overpaid. With the support of a working group, we have created 20 academic subcategory that limits the number of codes a user has access to. Service Desk employees can help you at home with Zoom Video Conferencing This can be accessed via the Self-Service Employee Dashboard by clicking on the bank tile, then clicking on the current bank link to change, or by adding a bank with the `O` button. We want to tell these people that they can continue to access our services, as they would at work on campus. Or you can browse through the direct link shared services have received a number of requests for assistance for people working from home. The following documents describe the process that should apply to working from home and instructions for the people leader and team members to make the work of the home comfortable and productive. For people considering working from home, the following information can help you set up your work computer to access the university`s computer systems. If you don`t have Internet access at home or if your Internet connection is slow, you can connect your laptop to your mobile phone as a personal access point to get Internet access: stay warm in winter, while the university units of the PDF 1.9 MB resource are updated at night by Student Management.

This field can be reported by indicating the gains that have been attributed to it. Often, you take your laptop home to work at night. But if you take your laptop home for a long period of time, you`ll probably need more than your laptop. This way, you can access the personal data of the Employee Self Service via the Tiles. From there, you can add an email where and select pay sheets in the drop-down options. > Working from Home – PDF 182.3 KB Team Guide Please note that leave requests are posted in hours (not days). To calculate the number of full-time equivalent days (FTEs) corresponding to you, you need to divide by your standard working time. For a university staff member, this represents 7.5 hours per day of ETP and for a professional, 7.35 hours per day of ETP. For detailed instructions on personalizing your home page: The message will be published on Monday, October 16 and Tuesday, October 17, and data from 18/10 will be grayed out by the new Single Code field. This can be accessed via the Self-Service Employee Dashboard by clicking on time and tile absences and browsing the menu to the left of the screen to request absence. The occupational health and safety procedure defines the conditions of an agreement between the university and a person wishing to apply for employment in a working environment at home.